At G-Anime, we know that guests are always a source of excitement and interest. This is why we’re always looking for guests who can create that unique experience sought by our attendees at our convention, in the fields of dubbing, fashion, film, and art!

For a Bio and a scheduled of the Guests check the link below!


Smikimimi Cosplay & Photography

Smikimimi is a cosplayer from the Outaouais region. Since 2011 She's been making costumes from video games to japanese anime. You can find her participating in masquerades, she loves to put on a show with her original and memorable presentations. Mostly recognized for her cosplays, such as Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2, Weiss Schnee from RWBY, Black Lady from Sailor Moon and many more! She always tries to learn new techniques to push herself a little more with each costumes she creates. Smikimimi loves to share her knowledge and her love for cosplay with others because the most important thing for her in all this, is having fun.

Detailed Illusion

Niq was raised by the cosplay community here in Ottawa (wolves got nothing on them) from the young impressionable age of 13 and since then he has done nothing but eat, sleep and breath fabric and sewing (even developing a questionable relationship with his serger named “Sergay”). Now an internationally recognized master level cosplayer, with numerous awards under his belt, he represented Canada at their first invite to the World Cosplay Summit in 2015. Niq’s work is largely praised for its technical construction and use of embellishment. Outside of Cosplay, Niq does other sewing related activities, and having attended fashion school, has worked as a costume designer for films, theater, and dance. Currently Niq works as a sewing teacher through a local design house.
Niq has recently stepped into the fashion world, launching his first spring collection in 2017 (titled Apeiromorphic) and currently is producing his fall/winter 2018/2019 line (Tarot). His collections are reminiscent of the dramatic video game and anime *cough* cosplay *cough* styles, paired with eccentric avant guarde flair. Most importantly Niq hopes his fashion can spread a message of love and acceptance that the cosplay community has shown him to the entire planet *low key evil laughter*.


Jérémie Marsin

Falling into it as a child, Jeremiah never stopped playing video games. Retro or modern, everything goes. A microcomputer player above all, he still has an affection for SEGA but especially for Commodore and the good old MS-DOS. It is this passion that pushed him to create, an online magazine in 2013 then the associated Youtube channel, hosted with 7 of his friends. Jérémie is constantly looking for forgotten games from his past and spends a lot of time fiddling and fixing his favorite computers.

Jérome Cloutier

Jerome Cloutier is an independent filmmaker and YouTuber, having worked at various levels on film and television projects. Since 2014, he works with Guiz de Pessemier on the Guiz and Jerome channel, where he presents web shows focused on the geek community, such as The Resellers and Adventures in Game Chasing. He is currently working on a film adaptation of his horror comedy series Creatures of the Night, which should be released on the next Halloween. He is also an occasional contributor to several other YouTube collectives, including Le Jeu C'est Sérieux and l'Antre du Geek.