Language Policy

G-Anime is a bilingual festival – with a French accent! Unfortunately, it is impossible for all of our content to be made bilingual in itself. Therefore, we have found a compromise, which is why we will present our objectives and operating rules.


Our language policy has an impact on the choice of G-Anime staff and their assignments. We can not, and do not want to, deviate from this basic principle which helps to ensure quality of service and experience at the convention for everyone. Thus, those who are in positions of authority or the supervision of others must be bilingual. Registration staff who have contact with attendees will be bilingual. Security that will ensure the order and welfare of attendees will also be bilingual, without exception. All volunteers in customer service positions will be bilingual. Having said that, all staff that does not have the responsibility of interacting with the public or speaking a clear language does not need to be bilingual. Additionally, panelists or activity hosts do not need to be bilingual (unless the panel or activity itself is bilingual).



G-Anime’s programming is divided into three categories: the “panels” category, which has four rooms; the “screenings” category, which has two rooms (dubbed and subbed); and the “activities” category, which has three rooms.

The “panels” programming is 50% francophone and 50% anglophone, with two panels running in English and two running in French every hour. There is no bilingual content in this section. Reasonable accommodations may be provided on a case-by-case basis, however, panelists are not obliged to offer a service in either language.

The “screenings” content is only available in French. One room is dedicated to French dubbed media, and the other to French subtitled media. Neither room provides English content. There are several reasons which have led to this decision, however, the main reason is the lack of interest at conventions in English anime due to its legal availability on the internet. In recent years, the number of people attending English language screenings has been declining, and rooms have been used inappropriately by attendees.

Lastly, in theory, the “activities” programming should be divided as French, English, and bilingual. However, in practice, the activities rooms are not necessarily always available, and the length of offered content varies. At any time, an attendee should have access to an activity in their language of choice, either because it is bilingual, or monolingual.

  • French panels per hour in dedicated rooms50%
  • English panels per hour in dedicated rooms50%
  • French dubbed Anime per hour in dedicated rooms50%
  • French subbed Anime per hour in dedicated rooms50%
  • English dubbed Anime per hour in dedicated rooms0%
  • Monolingual or bilingual activities in dedicated rooms33%

Gaming Room

In terms of language, the gaming room is less subject to the rules of other programming rooms. In short, all staff that oversees the operation of the gaming room must be bilingual. Events and demonstrations will also be bilingual. However, we understand that not all participants will be bilingual..

  • Staff for the dedicated room dealing with public100%
  • Activities organized in the dedicated room100%

Exhibitor Hall

Exhibitors must at all times respect the Law 101 in terms of their display and signage. However, they are not obliged to serve you in the language of your choice.